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General Information:

Where is T&T Liquidators located?

T&T Liquidators is located in Lumberton, NC.  2.2 miles from I-95.  We are open daily from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday.  The outlet store is open daily from 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

Who is T&T Liquidators?

T&T Liquidators is a company that specializes in the buying and selling of commercial, industrial, and manufacturing assets.  These assets could include sewing and textile equipment, warehousing and distribution equipment, real estate, businesses, sewing supplies, electrical supplies, surplus inventory, and much more.  We specialize in auctions and liquidations.  You will find on our web site information about our services and items we have for sale.

Who is Deaver and Associates?

Deaver and Associates is a company owned by John-Paul Deaver, that specializes in liquidations, appraisals, property managment, and real estate sales.  Deaver and Associates manages the online sales of all liquidation and auction equipment of T&T Liquidators.  All sales made in our online store will be processed through Deaver and Associates.

How long have you been in business?

T&T Liquidators has been providing liquidation and auction services since 1989.



What does T&T Liquidators sell?

T&T Liquidators is first and foremost a Liquidation Company! Meaning we sell anything of value, but we specialize in the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution industries. We liquidate everything from entire factories and warehouses to small businesses and estates. We sell surplus equipment of all kinds, closeout and overstock merchandise, wholesale and retail inventory, real estate, entire businesses, etc…

Some of the equipment and inventory we sell and have sold include sewing machines, sewing machine attachments, fabric, thread, sewing notions, silkscreen equipment, cutting room equipment, cutting table, fabric cutting machines, electric railing, fastening machines, bagging machines, sealing machines, inspection machines, pressing and laundry equipment, bushel carts, hampers, cloths racks, Z-racks, rolling stock of all kinds, store fixtures, conveyors, air compressors, balers, forklifts, pallet jacks, tools, fabrication equipment, wood working equipment, shipping and receiving supplies, material handling tools, boxes, box tape machines, strapping machines, warehouse racking, stack racks, furniture of all kinds, school and office supplies, and much more….

Who does T&T Liquidator’s sell to?

We sell to individuals and businesses all over the US and abroad.  If you are a small startup company, we can help you.  If you are a home seamstress, we can help you.  If you are a large corporation looking to save cash, we can help you.

Are your products new or used?

Most products that we sell are used, but new items are available as well.  Each product in our store is marked as new or used.

What is the condition of your used equipment?

All equipment, unless noted otherwise is checked out thouroghly before being sold.  We check to make sure the equipment is operating in good condition.  We check to insure the equipment is not worn out and missing parts.  If any equipment has worn or missing parts, those parts are replaced before being sold.  Once the machine is sold, you can expect to get a good used operating machine ready to be used.

Are all your products listed on your web site?

There is only a small amount of inventory listed on our web-site.  If you are looking for additional machinery other than what you find online, call us.  We can send you a list of other equipment available.

What voltage are the machines you sell?

Most of the sewing machines and industrial equipment we sell is 220 volt three phase.  This is the voltage used in factories.  Your home is set up with 220 volt single phase and 110 volt.  You cannot use 220 volt three phase power in a residential home.  We do provide upgrades to machine for 110 volt motors.  The is usually an additional fee for this upgrade.  See each machine for specific options to upgrade to 110 volt.

Are the sewing supplies "New"?

All sewing supplies, unless noted otherwise are new.  Most of the sewing supplies you will find in our store have been liquidated from a sewing factory or reatil store.  The sewing supplies are not purchased directly from a wholesaler, so many items, once sold, will not be available again.  Sewing supplies will be sold until inventory is depleated.  Once depleated, the product probably will not be available again.  It is suggested you by a little more than you think you will need, in the event there is no stock when you come to order additional product.



Can you ship my products?

We do ship daily from our Lumberton, NC location as well as other location throughout the US. If you buy it, we can ship it or deliver it.

Can you ship UPS or USPS?

Most shipments under 75 lbs are shipped via UPS or USPS.  These shipments, if purchased online, are calculated and the price is given to you upon checkout. 

Can you ship LTL shipments?

Most orders that are over 75 lbs are shipped via LTL truck.  For example Estes Express, FedEx Freight, AAA Cooper, etc.  These shipments are packaged on a pallet and secured for shipping.  LTL Shipments cannot be be calculated online.  You will need to click the place order button and fill out the place order form.  A shipping quote when then be recieved and sent to you, at which time the order will be placed.

What is an LTL shipment?

An LTL shipment mean less than truckload.  This is a shipment that is too large to ship via UPS or FedEx.  Normally any sewing machine you see in our store will require LTL shipping.

Can I order a machine LTL and have delivered to my house?

Any sewing machine or other product ordered can be devliered to a home via LTL shipping.  Additional charges such as residential delivery fees and lift gate fees will be added to the shippig rate.  Additionally, help will need to be provided at you home to unload the machine.  Most sewing machines can weigh in excess of 250 lbs.  The truck company is only responsible for getting the order off the truck and is not responsible for moving the order into your home or business.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders recieved online will be processed within 24 hours.  While many orders can be prepared and shipped within one day, larger orders can take 3 to 5 days.  For any equipment order, please provide 3 to 5 business days to process the order and 3 to 5 business days for shipping.  Business days are Monday through Friday and do not include Saturday and Sunday.  Again though, most orders are prepared within 1 to 3 business days.

Can I track my orders?

Once an order is processed and shipped, a tracking number will be made available, assuming the shipping company provides one.  Once this information is available to T&T Liquidators, it will be provided to the customer upon request.


What to expect once order has been recieved:

Does T&T Liquidators service equipment it sales?

T&T Liquidators will service any equipment it sells, assuming the equipment is returned to our warehouse in Lumberton, NC.  We DO NOT have service technicians that can come to your location and provide services.  Any service that is required on equipment after a sale is complete, will be billed to the customer at the current hourly service rate.  Any cost incurred to ship equipment to us for repair will be the responsibility of the customer.  T&T Liquidators is not responsible for any damage to the machine during shipping.    Any parts that have to be replaced on a machine will be billed to the customer as well.

What can I expect once my mahcine has been delivered?

When a sewing machine or other used equipment is shipped from T&T Liquidators, it will be in good usable condition.  Keep in mind though most of what we sell is used equipment.  With all sewing machines, there may be certain adjustments you need to make to the machines once received.  There may also be some assembly of equipment once you recieve it.   If you are not familar with a piece of equipment you are purchasing, it is suggested you hire a technician to come in and set the machine up for you.  T&T Liquidators is not responsible for any damage to a machine for lack of operating knowledge.

How do I learn to use my machine I just purchased?

When you purchase a sewing machine or other manufacuring equipment you are not familar with, it is suggested you have a technician come to your location and train you with the machine.  You will be provided with basic instruction manuals for the machine.  T&T Liquidators is not responisble for any damage to a machine for lack or operating knowledge.



Do you collect sales tax?

All sales over the phone or online will be charged the current North Carolina sales tax if you purchase from a NC address or ship to a NC address.  Any sales made to out of state addresses will not be charged NC sales tax.

Do you sale to wholesalers?

We do sale to wholesalers and will not collect taxes for items bought to resale as long as a certificate of exemption is provided to T&T Liquidators by the customer.

Do you collect tax on NC manufacturers?

NC manufacturers can provide a NC sales tax exemption form and will not be required to pay sales tax.  Any sales tax payable to the state of NC will be the responsibility of the manufacturer.  The manufacturer will need to have a NC exemption tax number.  This is not the same as a Federal Tax ID number.



What if I want to get information on conducting a liquidation or auction?

Call or email us first and let us know that you are interested in our services.  We will then ask you a few questions and request an inventory and possibly pictures.  Different situation will require different information.

What if I have something to sale?

Whether you have 1 item or 1000 items you want to sale, T&T Liquidators can help turn your inventory into “FAST CASH”.  We have a broad range of solutions to help maximize on your return. Please see our Auction/Liquidation page on our website for details on how we can help sell for you.

Will you pay me a finder’s fee or commission if I know a company going out of business or that has over stock inventory for sale?

YES!! T&T Liquidators will gladly pay a commission to anyone who refers us to an individual, business, or corporation who is in need of our services. The commission will be paid at the time a contract is formed with that company.

What areas do you provide your services?

T&T Liquidators has provided liquidation and auction services over the entire US and conducts business with customer in countries such as India, Italy, Honduras, Canada, Mexico, and many other countries.



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