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T&T Liquidators offers several choices to help you, the customer, decide the correct option to liquidate assets to maximize your profits.  These choices include auctions, consignment sale, liquidations, and straight buy out.  Each choice gives you a different option to dispose of assets quicker or increase profits from your sale.


Over 90% of all T&T Liquidators customers choose Liquidation Services over other options due to the higher returns created.  In a short period of time, T&T Liquidators can tailor a plan to fit your business.  By allowing T&T Liquidators to explore the liquidation process with you, you will realize it may be the best option for your business.  Liquidation services are offered to customers wishing to get the most cash possible out of their used equipment and inventory.  A liquidation is a slower process than our other services, but can increase your return by a very substantial amount.  In a liquidation, we will either sell the equipment from the customer’s location or bring the equipment to our 80,000 plus square foot warehouse facility.  A liquidation can last a term of a couple months or up to a couple years.  This process depends on the expedience required by the owner of the liquidated equipment or inventory.  Please contact us for more information. (877)608-4006


Auction services are offered to customers wishing to disperse their equipment immediately.  With an auction, we will come to your location, take an inventory of your assets, organize the assets and prepare them for auction.  We will handle all advertising and conduct the auction.  Gerald Deaver, the owner of T&T Liquidators is a licensed auctioneer. 

Straight Buy Out

A Straight Buy Out is as simple as it gets. A straight buy out purchase option is available to customers wishing to quickly remove assets and receive “immediate cash” for their excess equipment or inventory.  We will start by assessing the market value of your assets then make you a strong competitive offer. After acceptance of our offer we will promptly remove all assets from your location.  This process quickly removes equipment and puts cash in the hands of the customer.  It’s Just That Simple!

Consignment Services

Consignment services are similar to our liquidation services yet different in many ways.  The following is just one example.  A customer has an item which is to massive in size to move multiple times. Meaning it needs to be removed and reinstalled by a professional. By using our advertising services via our bi-monthly sales flyer, website, etc… the customer can consign the item through us finding a buyer and moving one time from his facility to the buyers.

We also provide storage consignment services.  Do you have an abundance of equipment that is taking up valuable space?  Let us move, store, and sell the equipment, no cost to you.  There is NO storage fee.  We will pick up, move, store, and advertise your equipment while we find a buyer.  Once sold, a commision on the sale will be collected by us and you will be paid for the equipment.

Please call for more information. (877)608-4006

During consideration of our services please consider the following

1.   Located 2.2 miles off exit 20 on North Carolina I95 and 8 miles from US74, T&T Liquidators has over 80,000 square feet of warehouse space used for storage if needed during our services. 

2.   We have a 20,000 square foot in house outlet store which is open daily to the public. 

3.   We have a 5000-6000 customer bi-monthly sales flyer which generates a tremendous amount of sales!

4.   Continuous national advertising via T&T Liqudators sales flyer, T&T Liquidators website, business sites, craigslist, ebay, backpages, newspapers,  trader magazines, etc…

5.   Located just 1.5 hours from Wilmington, NC Ports and 3 hours from Charleston, SC Ports.


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