About Us

With over 40 years in the textile industry, Gerald Deaver started T&T Liquidators out the back door of an Antique and Gun shop in the late1980's.  After deciding to follow his dream of opening a small Antique and Gun shop to fuel his passions, Gerald quickly realized there was a need for an experienced and knowledgeable liquidation company to serve the apparel manufacturers. 

The antique and gun store was transformed into a liquidation company to fulfill the needs his customers were requesting.  From a small 5,000 square foot facility, T&T Liquidators has grown into an 80,000 square foot facility servicing customers worldwide.

With the help of his son John-Paul Deaver, owner of Deaver and Associates, T&T Liquidators now provides full service liquidation, auction, appraisal, and real estate services to industries throughout the United States and abroad.  With our knowledge of the current markets, we are able to turn our customer's surplus equipment into cash. 

The products that are offered through our liquidation and auction services are available at substantial savings to our customers.  Throughout the years we have asisted hundreds of manufacturing companies and individuals that have benefited from our services.  Just a few of these companies include M.J. Soffe, Gerber Childrenswear, Industries of the Blind, Drapes 4 Show, Bon Worth, Delta Apparel, and many more.  We are currently working with clients in industries to include apparel, textile, automotive, furniture, transportation, warehousing, distribution, personal property, retail stores, government contractors, paper and packaging, and many many more.

John-Paul began Deaver and Associates in 2004 to assist with the real estate sales associated with the liquidations and auctions conducted by T&T Liquidators.  Deaver and Associates has grown to provide appraisal services, real estate sales, and property management associated with T&T Liquidators customers.  Deaver and Associates manages all online sales and transaction accocited with this website.

As the US and global manufacturing industries continue to evolve, T&T Liquidators will continue to grow.  We are able to adapt our knowledge to most any business in any industry and turn unused assets into cash.

Gerald Deaver:
A former US Marine and Vietnam Veteran, Gerald founded T&T Liquidators in 1989.  Gerald has over 40 years experience as CEO of numerous textile and apparel manufacturing Fortune 500 companies.  Once he founded T&T Liquidators, he began providing his expertise and knowledge to manufacturers to assist them in increasing sales and manufacturing volume, direct their growth, and turn unused inventory into cash.  In 1998, Gerald Deaver became a member of the NC Auctioneer Association and became a licensed auctioneer.  Today, Gerald continues to express his knowledge to help T&T Liquidators provide liquidation, auction, and appraisal services to customers.

John-Paul Deaver:
A former US Marine, John-Paul received a BS degree in Accounting/Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke in 2000.  John-Paul began assisting Gerald and T&T Liquidators in 1995.  After 17 years of experience in the liquidation, auction, and appraisal industry, John-Paul's knowledge of the industry and business, have helped many clients grow and transform their companies with the services of T&T Liquidators.  John-Paul is also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the state of NC and a member of the Realtors Association.  He began Deaver and Associates in 2004, to provide real estate sales as an option to T&T Liquidators clients.  John-Paul received his appraisal liscense from The Certified Appraisal Guild of America.  He is liscensed to conduct appraisals in personal property to individuals and businesses.

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