Fabric Roll Slitting Machines

Fabric roll slitting machines, also known as balogna slitters.  Many sizes and brands available.

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Consolidated Machine
Consolidated Machine 76" overall shaft length. Shaft to right of blade... 58". ..
Judelshon Fabric Roll Slitter
Judelshon Fabric Roll Slitter Model 360 Up to 78" fabric width 15" blade ..
Lever Brothers Bias Sewing Unit
Lever Brothers Bias Sewing Unit Fabric Roll Slitter 30" Fabric Width Singer M..
Rosenthal Fabric Roll Slitter
Rosenthal Fabric Roll Slitter 72" Overall Width Moveable Blade 10" Blade ..
Utica Cloth Slitting Machine
Utica Cloth Slitting Machine.  Several to choose from. Call today for un updated invento..
Utica Collarette Cutter
Utica Collarette Cutter Table Top Fabric Cutter Machine for Cutting Binding &..
Utica Collarette Cutter
Utica Collarete Cutter Tubular Fabric Cutter Machine for Cutting Binding  ..
Utica Fabric Roll Slitter
Utica Fabric Roll Slitter 104" overall length 80" to the right of blade 24" t..
Utica Side Slitter
Utica Side Slitter 36" Fabric Width Slit & Rewind Tubular Fabric Pr..
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